See: New Video from The Wow for the track Talk My Shit

I have this checklist, you know mentally, when I listen to hip-hop, and more so when I watch hip-hop videos. Firstly, scratching. Then, that old style beat in the background. Following that, street smart rhymes with cultural references.

That’s why I fell for The Wow, aka rapper KO the Legend and producer Balthazar Getty, and their first single, Talk my Shit. Its traditional hip-hop, full of old style beats and scratching but also infused with these sort of  cinematic loops, full of old style western influence. KO the legend is, as he points out himself at one point, the real deal, his rhymes full of attitude and acutely observed situations.

The video also ticks the boxes, with the duo avoiding the usual hip-hop clichés, instead a black and white performance affair, cut with scenes of the two stickering and stencilling their locality. It fits with the cool of the track.

The single “Talk My Sh*t” is the first official offering from The Wow’s self-titled debut album due this Spring. Get with The Wow, they tick all the boxes.

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