Track: Exit Kid – Working Stiff

Documenting the trials and tribulations of life on the road, London’s Exit Kid harness their trademark grunge, Britpop and slacker-pop influences with blistering new cut ‘Working Stiff’, taken from the band’s forthcoming ‘Garden EP’ out November 27th.

 “I wrote ‘Working Stiff’ a few years ago and it has always been one of our favourite songs to play live”, 

details frontman Emre Türkmen. 

“The song is about the grind of touring and the detachment that comes with it. Trying to reconnect with people after a long stretch away is always difficult.”

Raucous guitars and solid drums are the back bone of this track. Turkmen’s slight fragile vocals push through and give the track some direction as it seamlessly wanders from bright picked verses to full on chord thrashing. A charming song that really shines on the 3rd spin.

Check it out, here

Emre is best known for being part of Years & Years and it was in fact on a 2017 US tour as this outfit that Exit Kid found its genesis – with Emre joining forces with touring drummer Dylan Bell.

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