See: MOY release new video for ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’

Following of the acclaim his debut track Start Me Up received, Glasgow based New Zealander MOY has released the follow up – No Talk’s The Best Chat, complete with a video – made with 2500 hand drawn sketches the band drew during lockdown to pass the time.

The track is this indie rock saunter, with a verse that bubbles away, the scratchy guitar let of the leash a little more for the chorus, which is gloriously singalong and melodic.

Of the accompanying video, MOY says “We started sketching frames from videos and layering them on top of each other. Once we managed to animate a short 2 second clip which we instantly fell in love with it was a no brainer to have a fully animated video drawn by ourselves.  It took about a month to get all of it animated, it was literally all we did, it became an addiction.  Wake up and draw until we couldn’t anymore – then pass it over to one of the other band mates to continue!


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