Switzerland has produced some notable artists over the years, albeit not a huge amount. The Young Gods and Celtic Frost spring to mind. But here is someone who has the potential to go the distance. Vanom’s brand of electronic, guitar tinged pop is just what you didn’t realise you needed.

So, tell us about Vanom. What’s the story so far?

Music has always been part of me. What interests me most is the creative process. However, after several years of creative work, it is time to take a step forward and share our work with people. I like collaborating with different people and finding new sounds. There are no limits.

You’ve just started putting material online. Tell us about the first two songs you’ve released.

Essential Waves addresses the fact that life only makes sense if you focus on the essential and listen to your inner self and do what is important to you. Life is too short and valuable to do things that you do not feel like doing. Do not regret and look forward.

Lies talks about the fact that today’s digital technologies are creating a gap between people. You have friends whom you have never seen, much is superficial. I’m not saying that everything is bad, but I think it’s important that people start looking again to see what’s happening right around them. Anyway I’m not here to criticize the society and other people, I only write songs 🙂

How do you write new material? 

To be honest I think it’s a pretty mystic process. It’s like opening your mind and welcoming the waves that surround us and giving them a sound presence. Often there are melodies with keywords that come to my mind; it is enough to gather them to form sentences or parts of sentences. I cannot explain everything either because it is not a rational process; there is no plan, no goal. It is rather the expression of an emotion.

What’s the motivation behind Vanom?

The biggest motivation is to write the perfect song. A perfect song is when you try honestly come up with something that best expresses a moment in your life. If it sounds good it’s even better!

Where are you taking Vanom, what’s the bigger picture?

The primary goal is to share the music. If this allows us to make a place in the international market it would be great.

What are you working on right now?

I’m still chasing melodies. But the main goal is to release an album in the coming months.

Dream goals for Vanom?

To publish an album that helps people to cheer up everyday life and dream.

Any final words?

Be amazed. 

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