EP: Sadness and Complete Disappointment – Fun

Midlands trio Sadness & Complete Disappointment are ready to bring forth their spooky, gloomy, grunge with their debut EP ‘Fun’ Sadness & Complete Disappointment were formed through self doubt and abject misery. Esme writes the words and the melodies, bringing that bleakness. Bek / Beka is bassist, vocal harmoniser, she makes the videos and raises the hens. Kit (they/them) plays the guitars and brings the riffs. They write big tunes and are a staggeringly accomplished multi-instrumentalist.

Opener ‘Monotony’ lets the band nail their colours to the mast with harsh guitar and pounding pounding drums as they tackle the boredom of lockdown and the need for some social fulfilment through social media.

New track ‘Oh Rapture!’ allows a breath of air with the picked floating guitar and Esme’s poison sweet vocals. The track really gets into its groove on the second verse and becomes world destroying as it draws to a close full of cymbals and operatic quality vocals.

The swaying gothic Survivor’s Guilt, shows off the musicianship that is within this band. With a hint of a pub singalong to the vocal melody during the chorus it’s an infectious delight regarding a relationship breakdown and what goes on afterwards.

Closing with the bands first single ‘Status’ is about the absolute rotten core of the patriarchy in a sonically huge track. But it’s the sweeter moments that the band really shine. The honey tipped vocals that provide a contrast to the noisy acid burnt edges of the track.

Sadness and Complete Disappointment are punk but with more depth, grunge but with a honeyed sweet edge (albeit a deadly one). Theres a depth to the songwriting that missing from a lot of bands debut albums. They aren’t afraid to experiment as the varied tracks on this EP show full of clever arrangements and witty lyrics.

The only problem is, the EP leaves you wanting more.

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

EP Tracklisting

1. Monotony
2. Oh, Rapture!
3. Survivor’s Guilt
4. Status

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