Track: Offshore Projects’ new single ‘The Way I Fear’ is a mesmerising indie pop delight.

Sydney singer-songwriter Jonas Nicholls, formerly of indie pop outfit SURES, has continued down this path with the release of the shimmering track ‘The Way I Fear’, under the name Offshore Projects.

The chiming, bubbling guitars form a lovely circular and chunky base up on which Nicholl’s voice soars – melancholic and heavenly harmonies form a lovely melody. The result is something quite hypnotic and very dreamy.

Nicholls says of the track:

The Way I Fear’ recalls a moment in a new relationship when you don’t know if it’s real or not, and the other person isn’t confirming or denying. Tension between “the way i fear” and “the way i feel” builds evoking a sense of anticipation and anxiousness.

Indeed, the track has a restless energy about it:

You can download/stream the single here, out through Viscera Arts, and keep an eye out for more from this talented musician.

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