Track: Graywave – ‘Swallow’: a darker final drop from her forthcoming EP

Jess Webberley, aka Graywave

WE’VE fallen pretty damn hard for Graywave, the self-styled “dreampop from the West Midz” project of Jess Webberley, on a couple of occasions in recent times; there was her previous single “Before”, from the beginning of the year, which we noted as being “full of that thrill and dusky elegance you get from the Cocteau Twins circa Head Over Heels: that noir edge, building into fuzz to make you shiver”; and just before Christmas, we were delighted to premiere “Like Heaven”, which, our cup frankly o’erflowed for as we said”Jess is deep within the wash and rush of chime and fuzz; the harmonic sweetness of the one, the rush and distortion of the other, sat on either side of a vocal line blurred and impressionistic, as if Liz Harris of Grouper had wandered into Robin Guthrie’s studio session.”

Both this hazy gems were building towards an EP, Planetary Shift, which is out soon on vinyl, an excellent thing to announce, via Brisbane’s False Peak Records; but there’s one final single to come from the EP, “Swallow”, and that’s out today; in fact, you can hear it right here.

It charts a darker path to the previous two single drops, being heavily bass-driven; a shadowy caress of darkgaze, if you like. Jess swirls and twirls within the chime of guitars which gleam and fizz with a cutting edge.

“‘Swallow’”, says Jess, “is about feeling a loss of control and losing trust within your own thoughts and actions.

“It’s about the way I feel when something bad happens that is out of my control; I tend to still blame myself even when I’m not at fault and this song captures that.

“The meaning of this song also coincides with the theme of the EP; a feeling of inner turmoil and a shift in emotions.”

Keep your eyes peeled for that forthcoming EP and connect with Graywave on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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