Track: The enigmatic Us and I reveal dreamy and delicate new single ‘Fragile’ and announce debut EP ‘Loveless’ for 27 August 2021

Bangalore’s Us and I have unveiled a deliciously chill and ethereal debut single ‘Fragile’ and announced the release of their debut EP ‘Loveless’ for 27 August 2021.

‘Fragile’ matches a muscular synth riff with dreamy, ethereal vocals, mixing an M83 vibrant synth spine with distant haunting vocals that float across the firmament. There’s an eighties vibrancy throughout with the indelible synth riffs, that are contrasted by the softness of the vocals which evoke something more along the lines of The Cocteau Twins. Pure melancholy tones floating over a visceral synth surface. It’s lovely stuff from a region we hear little from.

You can stream the single here or get directly from the artist through the link below:

The themes of the new EP are pure romantic escapism. The band says the EP:

collectively talks about the love that one had in life and how it keeps hitting us in waves, in different forms.

There is a sort of Synesthesia in their writing. According to the band, they:

…shared a unique way of crafting great songs with deeply personal lyrics wrapped with a melancholia of the orange and yellow colors leaking from the sounds of their synthesizers.

Us and I are Bidisha Kesh and Gaurav Govilkar and on the strength of this single, there is much to look forward to in the new EP.

Feature Photograph: Bidisha Kesh

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