Track: Sydney’s Golden Fang put on a muzzle with the slow burning evocative ‘Don’t Be That Way’

That glint in the firmament is the gentle sparkle of Sydney’s Golden Fang‘s new single ‘Don’t Be That Way’. A muzzled Golden Fang to some extent, this is a glorious rambling seven minute journey that steers away from the barely restrained chaos of previous releases in favour of something far more cinematic and expansive – something even stately.

‘Don’t Be That Way’ may be a considered, reflective Golden Fang, but the bite is just as powerful and the message just as visceral:

Move to the country
There’s this sense that
There’s no heartland anywhere
And who’s gonna tell you
Don’t be that way

Singer/guitarist Carl Redfern tells of a long period of gestation for this track with its genesis twenty years ago:

From its very first inception it felt special but somehow it always managed to resist completion like an incredibly frustrating puzzle with some elusive clue or missing piece. As a result of its long slow burn I can’t even really remember why I started writing it, but the essence or mood of the song has always been clear and felt important to me – a riff on the emotional response to a simple expression.

It’s not the most helpful advice but I would imagine most people have either said or been told “Don’t Be That Way” and in response created their own context and/or response to it – which is essentially what the song is an attempt at doing.

Sobre and yearning with wide open horizons and an intelligent measured theme, this is a delicate side to Golden Fang that still somehow feel vitally raw and wild with a touch of psychedelia. It is available to download or steam here or you can get it through the link below.

The single comes off Golden Fang’s new album ‘Man With Telltale Scars’, out on 12 November 2021.

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