EP: Harper – ‘White Lies’

Last year I put the debut EP from Harper at number one in my top 10 EPs of 2014, which means that my expectations were considerably high for what was released next. To put it simply, whatever expectations I had from the debut EP, they’ve been exceeded with this latest release. With the single ‘White Lies’ released a short while ago and ‘Everything But Not Enough’ launched a few days ago, this was an unexpected release but the surprise of it is certainly a welcome one.

The lyrics and performance from Harper in this release has a result that is even more captivating. It draws you in, hooks you, plays with your expectations and emotions and overall it perfectly balances the experience with a sound that’s haunting, emotional and upbeat which ultimately has a profound effect on the listener. Expanding on the already high level of production in the debut EP, ‘White Lies’ steps up and raises the bar and across the three tracks included in this EP it showcases the talent and care that has gone into making this the best it could possibly be.




Across these three songs, Harper has shown once again of what she’s capable of. Hopefully it won’t be too long till we hear more as with each release there’s an incredible urge to hit repeat and delve deeper into the meanings of each song and to enjoy and appreciate the fantastic production that’s contained within each track and this serves as a brilliant introduction to the music Harper writes as well as being an excellent continuation from what’s come before. It’s deeper, darker, honest and so much more involving than a lot of releases that are currently out there at this point in time.

I highly recommend listening as this is easily one of the best releases I’ve heard this year. For more on Harper be sure to check out the links below.



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  1. jorgewolf354
    January 30, 2016

    Do you know where I could download this song please tell me.

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