See: Fuzzy Lights – ‘Under The Waves’: returning Cambridge folk-rockers add some feedback fire to the blend

Fuzzy Lights, photographed by Josie Harries

HAILING from Cambridge with a potent elixir of acid/post-folk, Fuzzy Lights are moving towards the release of their first full-length set in more than eight years with the full-on drone-psych pastoralism of their new single, “Under The Waves”; the video for which we have right here.

It’s the second teaser the fenlands five-piece have revealed from that July album, Burials, and follows the slow, smoky confessional draught of “Maiden’s Call” from the beginning of the month.

“Under the Waves” deals with the devastation of coral reefs, ocean resources and our natural world. Singer Rachel Watkins explains: “It was written in response to the effect of the climate crisis on the oceans and the devastating effects a rise in global temperatures are having on the fragile ecosystems that exist beneath the waves.

“It’s a love song about a relationship that is unsustainable and destructive to the detriment of both parties, with the lamentation of what we have lost struggling against the inertia that has led us all to this point.”

Eight years on from their critically acclaimed Rule of Twelfths album, the quintet return with an expanded palette – the folk-rock and the psychedelic folk are still the seeded earth from which their songcraft grows; but you can hear the wrapping vines of a more post-rock aesthetic in their new stuff – witness the howling feedback intro to the latest song.
Their sound has been stripped back to its component parts, deconstructed and rebuilt under less obvious influences.

Fuzzy Lights’ Burial will be released by Meadows on July 2nd digitally, on limited CD and limited vinyl; you can get your order in now at Bandcamp.

Connect with Fuzzy Lights on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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