Premiere: J Hacha De Zola releases new video for the irrepressible blues of Faded

Photo Credit: Christine Samaroo.

Jersey City’s J Hacha De Zola has just releases a new video for the track ‘Faded’, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today. It’s produced by UK based Pulp Productions, and was filmed in a derelict townhouse in the middle of London

Of the video, J says “I was impressed with a video short by Pulp Productions that featured one of my tunes. I wanted to produce a captivating video for “Faded,” my own personal favorite song off of my latest album ‘East of Eden,’ and I knew that Pulp Productions would be a perfect fit. Not long after reaching out, director Victoria Rio sent me the storyboard set in an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of London. I was thoroughly enthralled by her vision. What resulted truly blew me away. I was so moved to see that all of these elegant, talented and absolutely beautiful people came together to make this most perfect video for ‘some dude’ from New Jersey that they don’t even know.”

Victoria Rio from Pulp Productions “J Hacha de Zola’s music is an ode to strangeness, an invitation to dream and wander through dark, deeply poetic tales. The ‘Faded’ music video explores the paradox of the artist – in this case, a painter – being able to conceive the notion of absolute beauty without ever being able to fully grasp it or achieve it. Paralyzed, consumed by solitude and pain, he implores his muse to manifest herself. When his relentless, feverish quest for inspiration becomes unbearable, he starts slowly sinking into madness, which seems to be his only relief. The video was shot in a gorgeous derelict townhouse in the heart of London. Its mysterious, ethereal, and chaotic atmosphere beautifully reflected the character’s psyche and distress. I loved the space’s unusual layout, countless stories, stairs, and magnificent windows… We were incredibly lucky to be able to film in this location just before the start of its renovation.”

Faded is a beautiful blues, De Zola’s gruff but lovable vocals never far from moving you in some way, with syrupy vocal harmonies poured all over the track. It’s spiced with a little saxophone here and there as things get a little heavier, but such is the melodic nature of things, it transports itself into your psych almost immediately.

Brilliant stuff, beautifully shot.

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