News: Greta Stanley announces her second album ‘Real Love In Real Life’ through Double Drummer, and unveils shimmering new track ‘Red Earth Dirt’ in anticipation.

Feature Photograph: Saskia Hilton

We’ve been huge fans of Greta Stanley for a number of years now and it has been fascinating to watch the development of this artist hailing from the far north of Queensland. Her debut album ‘Full Grown’ was released back in late 2017 and this was followed by an EP ‘Sun In My Eyes’ in 2019 (reviewed by me here) which showed enormous growth and complexity, driven by her ethereal voice and melodies. As with many artists, the intervening two years have been relatively quite although Stanley has released a few singles. Now, having signed with prestigious label Double Drummer, Stanley has announced the release of her second album ‘Real Love In Real Life’ due out on 29 April 2022. We have been given a delightful glimpse into the album with the release of the single ‘Red Earth Dirt’

There is a sophistication and finesse to the track that is further evidence of Stanley’s growth as an artist. Stanley’s voice is as delicate and ethereal as ever, with its subtle Australian accent and a yearning, melancholic brush. The instrumentation is multi-layered and delicate with a syncopated beat and distant sonic trills, creating a shimmering undercurrent. This is a statuesque pop tune with its indelible melodies and dream pop sparkle.

Stanley says:

‘Red Earth Dirt’ was inspired about where I’m from, a tiny town with lots of red dirt. It’s about wanting a life that’s quiet and simple and where you just have ‘enough’ which is the life my parents have. It weaves in stories about my experience with love and growing up, questioning if there’s something bigger than us out there, and trying to remember what’s most important when everything feels strange and uncertain.

The song certainly captures that epic widescreen horizon of the Australian outback with a hint of mystery and magic.

The accompanying video, filmed and directed by Saskia Hilton in Cairns, has a purple-tinged psychedelic brush and a surreal quality that captures the alien references and has a hallucinogenic quality, with a little touch of humour:

‘Red Earth Dirt’ is available to stream and download here. ‘Real Love In Real Life’ is available to pre-order here in a special vinyl edition.

Feature Photograph: Saskia Hilton

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