New Music: Loose Joints – Quattro Amigos


I really, really, fervently hope that the title is a nod to one of my favourite silly films of all time, the Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short triumph ‘¡Three Amigos!‘.

If it isn’t, shame on Loose Joints.

They’re not wrong, though. This really is “Quattro Amigos, out of control”. If you like your rock bluesy, swampy, filthy, raucous, and LOUD, then these guys are for you. On at least the first three tracks the Essex fourpiece are dialled all the way up and clearly having a lot of fun there. There’s a bit more introspection on ‘Soft Bullets’ and ‘Assassins of Youth’ (plus check the mucking about with time signatures !) but they’re still noisy as hell. The rhythm section is as tight as I remember it from a couple of months ago in East London and the guitars are as crunchy and vibrant too. I tend to think that the vocals (on record) don’t need to be as uniformly Ben Ottewell as they are, but it’s not the be-all.

Best thing for you to do is to head out and catch them live – you get the rawk with added nuance, and a charming stage presence; you get the whisper as well as the shout, the smooth on top of the rasp; and you get to watch them ripping it up with great joy and gleeful abandon. It’s a lovely thing to see. Catch them this Wednesday, 22 October, at the Apples and Pears Bar.  You can find it between Liverpool Street and Whitechapel.

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