Track: God is 7 – 7 INC (Creeping Death Version)

Hull-based minimal electronic music producer Dom Sith is the master of immersion. His latest release ‘7 INC (Creeping Death Version)’ is a bold step in a new sonic direction cloaked beneath the guise of God is 7. It’s inky and insidious, casting a shadow which looms all the larger for its unmistakable grime influences.

“I want GI7 (God is 7) to be a brand, man.” Sith says, giving an insight into his vision. “It’s a representation of everything I wanted my early work to be, but with a stronger, darker sound and vision, I’m really pleased with it, and I hope it resonates with some.”

The bass swells with trap-style trills; there are also industrial elements in this genre-collage of natural sounds repackaged for Sith’s electronic outfit. The effect is something of a nightmare: being trapped in a video game that never ends. Dom Sith beckons us away from our reality, and into one of his own creation.

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