Droppin’ Knowledge – Yo Daddy Doe’s You Been Knowin’ Is An Undiscovered Gem

While many independent artists acknowledge that it is easier to reach fans today than it was ten or fifteen years ago, it is still difficult to rise above the noise. Discovering new music is practically a full time job, that requires time and a commitment to dig deep, and to listen closely, and repeatedly. Many artists require more than one listen, and you usually can’t appreciate all an artist has to offer until you give his or her art a fair shake.

Boston emcee Yo Daddy Doe dropped an EP in June, You Been Knowin’, on Sunday Dinner Records, and this short album is an undiscovered gem. Doe straddles the line between introspective, abstract hip hop, and more traditional-sounding rap; he splits the difference in a way that feels fresh and vibrant, not clumsy. All six songs on You Been Knowin‘ feature tight production and dexterous rapping that should satisfy hip hop heads of all tastes. And, while the record is instantly likable, it also deserves repeated listening in order to discover its many strengths.

The second song on the EP, “It’s Alright,” produced by Grubby Pawz, is a good example of the record’s overall aesthetic. Piano loops sparkle in the background as Yo Daddy Doe’s crisp flow rides out the beat.

Grubby Pawz also produced the emotional “Battling Demons,” which finds Yo Daddy Doe revving up his flow to match the music underneath him, but he still raps with fluency and poise.

“D.O.R.N.,” the last song on the EP, features Breeze, and is the standout track. Synthesizer washes and guitars fill the soundscape, with a staked, angelic chorus of voices, and a stirring hook. Yo Daddy Doe brings it, the ache in his voice providing an emotional wallop to the song’s lyrical content.

You need to know You Been Knowin”, and rapper Yo Daddy Doe. He’s no “one and done.” Check it!

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