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Sam Fenton

With two albums to date British progressive melodic rock band Atlas have announced the release of their highly anticipated third studio album ‘Built To Last’ this coming October via Metalapolis Records. The band, Craig Wells (lead vocals), James Thorley (keyboards), Howie Little (lead guitars), Chris Redfearn  (bass guitar), and Ryan Briggs (drums), have been going since 2017 with the intention to create signature music that focused its roots around the 80s AOR, Prog, and melodic rock genre, whilst delving into other areas of modern hard rock, and metal.

Regarding the track the band comments

“All or Nothing was written with an “album opener” in mind. We wanted to write a track that had a lot of energy, heavy but still having melodic elements, and with a huge hooky chorus. We wanted to represent elements of the whole album in one song, which was a challenge, but we always love to rise to a challenge!”

Huge glorious melodic rock dominated by a soaring vocals, huge chords and sweeping synths that come together on the incendiary chorus. Couple all that with some fist raising rhythms and we have some perfect music that you can’t help but got lost in. Something we all occasionally need. Now raise that fist as guitarist Howie Little rips your face off with one hell of a solo.

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1. All Or Nothing (4:09)
2. You’re Not Alone (4:24)
3. One More Night (4:15)
4. Another Heartbreak (4:09)
5. Tears (5:31)
6. Unfamiliar Love (4:25)
7. Just Like That (4:19)
8. Chasing Portraits I: Lonely Hearts (6:53)
9. Chasing Portraits II: Closer To The Picture (3:13)
10. Chasing Portraits III: Painted Memories (5:38)
11. Bury A Lie (4:47)
12. Best Is Yet To Come (5:38)

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