Track: Kill The Lights – Broken Bones

Kill The Lights, which features former members of Bullet For My Valentine, Throw The Fight, Threat Signal, and Still Remains, released their debut album ‘The Sinner’, in 2020 via Fearless Records. The band returns today with the new single and video ‘Broken Bones’. 

Galloping guitar solos and soaring vocals collide on “Broken Bones.” The song’s pulsing riffs, racing solos, and unforgettable melodies make for one helluva fist-pumping anthem that will incite moshpits the world over! The band perfectly executes a classic yet modern metal sound.

“‘Broken Bones’ tells the story of someone who is in the depths of loss, heartbreak, and tragedy,”, the band states. 

“Frozen with fear, they are forced to watch their life play out like a bad movie. Only hope keeps them from drowning in their own struggle with mental health. Every breath a struggle, each day a battle. On hands and knees, they fight just to get through the day.”

A ferocious aural assault where you can really hear the pedigree of the band members. Rip roaring riffs, melodic vocal phrasing and hard hitting drumming come together on the explosive chorus. A powerful return for the band and paves the way for big things to come.

Check it out, here

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