Track: Editors – Frankenstein

Editors have recently released some in music in the form of a single titled Frankenstein. With a hint of dance and distorted vocals you would be forgiving if you didn’t recognise The Editors on Frankenstein as the same band that wrote the likes of Sparks and Munich. There’s still that voice but they have changed must other things. This isn’t the Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen loving band anymore, they are channeling new inspirations which was always there in their music somewhere.

The electronic side is showing through strongly which is evident in this track but it’s still the Editors. They still bring it when the chorus arrives and the feel of the band is still there. The fans love it live with them closing recent appliances with it and that’s all that matters. For a band to go through changes and not repeating the same album after album and still have the fans support is testament to their creative mastery of songwriting.
If you want the old editors dig out their past albums. This is a refresh and long may they continue.

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