Meet: Guitarist Martin Miller As He Unveils His New Album ‘Maze of My Mind’

Give us a potted history of yourself

I’m a musician, educator and YouTuber from Leipzig, Germany. I’ve built a reputation as a guitar player over the last decade, then ventured off to build the Martin Miller Session Band, a very successful Youtube cover band and am now stepping up as a composer and singer of my original music.

Who inspired you to start making music

My father and cousin were playing guitar a little bit and I’ve always found the guitar very intriguing from the getgo. I then demanded I’d get an electric guitar as well as lessons and the rest is history.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

Pink Floyd – The Wall

I discovered this one pretty early in my childhood and it opened up my mind to the idea of artistic, conceptual rock music that knows no stylistic boundaries.

Dream Theater – Images and Words

This one later sealed the deal of me pursuing the guitar in a professional manner and making music my livelihood.

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

Someone on Youtube said ‘I always knew Toto and Dream Theater would make great babies“. I think that’s a pretty accurate description of the new record. I try to make interesting, progressive and at times complex music that never boasts with its complexity and instead tries to hide it from the listener. I try to avoid typical progressive rock and metal tropes and have a massive focus on melody and groove.

Tell us about your track ‘Something New’

‘Something New’ is in a way a depiction of the current process that I undergo as a musician. I’ve only started singing in the last couple of years, so turning myself into something new, trying something else, failing and getting back up is really the story of myself and the song.

The whole record has a cast of incredible musicians on it, most notably Sebastian Lanser on drums (ex-Obscura, ex-Panzerballett, Obsidious). It was self-produced over the course of nearly 5 years.

Where can we get hold of it

It’s out on all streaming platforms, bandcamp and via CD through

Tell us how you write

I write all the music, including all the instruments, myself. I do extensive pre-productions that sound almost like a finished record. So I do have a very clear vision of what every instrument should sound like. Also, unlike a lot of my genre peers, I do incorporate the vocals very early on in the writing process, so they become molded into the music, rather than being an afterthought that sits on top of everything else.

Tell us about your live show What would be your dream gig

I’m gonna hit the road this year with the Martin Miller Session Band, my Youtube project. We’ve never done this before and I’m excited for the magic we might be able to create on stage and the connection with the audience that has been dying to see us live for years.

What can we expect from you in the near future

This year I’m going to be touring, making new YT videos, music videos for my record „Maze of My Mind“ and start working on a 2024 follow-up.

Tell us your favourite records that are rocking your headphones/tour bus / stereo

I’ve been really loving the band Voyager as of late, especially their recent singles and 2019 album “Colours“.

Check out the track Something New, below:

Find out more via Miller’s Website or Facebook

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