See: Aversions Crown – Paradigm And Announce New Album

Australian metal destroyers Aversions Crown have released their fourth studio album, “Hell Will Come For Us All” via Nuclear Blast. In celebration they have shared the video for ‘Paradigm’ directed by Third Eye Visuals.

Guitarist Chris Cougan comments, “We are a generation that has been desensitised and traumatised by a daily dose of violence straight into our living rooms. Innocence has been stripped by the cruel nature of human kind leaving nothing but a bleak and hopeless future.”

Drummer Jayden Mason comments, “The final single concludes the build up to our new record showcasing a subtle yet apparent change with strong lyrical content and aggressive tunes to follow, this sets the mood for the rest of the record “Hell Will Come For Us All” which is a strong force moving forward for the band.”

The fading in of guitar heralds the double bass drum attack. The guitars are well used here and aren’t muddied with the production, instead sticking to picked notes which play well with the immense drumming. Tyler Miller’s growling is on the right side of being able to understand making this an accessible track for new fans while still bringing the heavy for the familiar.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

The album is available on CD and Yellow w/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl. Get your copy of “Hell Will Come For Us All” here

‘Hell Will Come For Us All’ track listing:
1.  The Soil
2.  Born In The Gutter
3.  Paradigm 
4.  Caught In The System 
5.  Hell Will Come For Us All
6.  Scourge Of Violence  
7.  Hymn Of Annihilation 
8.  Sorrow Never Sleeps 
9.  The Final Judgement

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