TRACK: Sing Leaf – ‘Out Of The Dream’: sleepy beauty preludes next week’s lovely LP

Sing Leaf's David Como: "Sous les pavés, la plage!". Photograph by Kate Killet

DAVID COMO, the Canadian musician who hides his considerable musical light under the Sing Leaf bushel for us, the recipients of his off-kilter, psychedelic synth-folk joy, has today dropped a final taster song for his new album, Not Earth, which will be released on Friday week.

He’s been dropping soothing, spacey little gifts from Not Earth all through the summer: we’ve previously taken a look at the romantic whisper of “Take It Easy” here, and the leftfield psych pop expansiveness of “Sunshine” here. And absolutely cracking they both were, too; and the album, we promise you, won’t let you down either. Our review will be publishing on the morning of the 21st.

Today’s track, “Out Of The Dream” – which we’ve embedded below – is the album closer; it was co-written with Patrick Bramm, whose vocals you can hear lending lambency to six minutes of mellow soundscaping. Synths swell and melodies descend; fuzz guitars swim through the coral of the melody, alighting on halcyon, wordless backing vocals. It’s hushed, pristine pop from an album of wide-eyed wonder. (In case you hadn’t noticed, we proper heart it).

“This song lives in the threshold between sleeping and waking, where voices echo from the canyons of our dreams and eyes linger, more real than reality.” David explains. 

“It’s about the deepest river running through us all, transporting us into the realm of the nocturnal, the realm of magic. It’s about the transformation of our return, in that brief moment before we begin the daily work of forgetting.

“There’s a strange and vital beauty to the ragged edge of sleep. There’s confusion in that space, and freedom, and deep longing. This song lives there, in the silver fog of the in-between.”

Sing Leaf’s Not Earth will be released by Tin Angel Records on digital and vinyl formats on September 25th. Order your copy at Bandcamp.

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