The California producer Sir Veterano shares a new video for the song “Cocaine Rap,” drawn from his latest collection, The Gathering. The album was released in July on Fresh Yard Records and “Cocaine Rap” is the second single from the long player. In the video and song, Murs has a few things he wants to get off his chest.

According to the veteran spitter, “many of the great rappers have done and/or sold cocaine. Hip hop culture is all about expression and freedom. So if you’ve walked the walk, by all means talk the talk. This song is speaking to those fabricating a criminal past for clout. When I got the beat from Sir Veterano, I felt it was the perfect canvas on which to paint this message.” 

The video was directed and edited by Justin Marmorstein for Marmo Films.

“Too many drug dealers wanna be rappers…”

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