Pynch ‘Somebody Else’

The new single from Pynch band is out July 6th

A subtle political piece where the message is ‘somebody else’ the times have caused you to act and feel like someone else, when you are without the routine of everyday life, when it is taken away from you what do you become.

While this has a driving hum to it, there is a melancholy
‘I just want to feel something real‘ – is the rallying cry after the lyrics go back and forth from defiance to being unassured, being uncertain about what you want is the only certain thing in this life currently.

This song is a distant relative of ‘Born To Run’ and that thread of uncertainty that runs through Springsteen’s work or about the individual putting themselves front and centre in his own narrative in reaction to the oppressive society around him.

The video is a kaleidoscope of imagery from walks and activity during the lockdown period mainly in May 2020, so this is a time capsule piece featuring walks across fields, cycling without chains on your bike, harking back to a period of innocence ending on a journey at the lido this mythical place you used to attend when younger and more carefree.

Following the release of ‘Disco Lights’ at the start of the year, Pynch again confirm themselves as one of the bands to watch for what remains of this year.

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