Say Psych: Track Review: Kill Your Boyfriend – Ulrich

Rating: 8/10

Kill Your Boyfriend are a duo based out of Treviso, Italy. Their dark, industrial tinged psychedelia has been attracting increasing attention and the release of their new single ‘Ulrich’ on Russian label Other Voices Records on 1st December 2017 is set to continue to draw them an ever wider audience.

When asked about the genesis of the track, they explain that it comes from the need that everyone has to seek his own role in modern society and in the process devouring everything they come into contact with. With that in mind, ‘Ulrich’ is a raw industrial tinged entity which challenges the conventions of sound, asking the listener to go a little further down the rabbit hole than may be comfortable, before mellowing out into dreamy psychedelia to end.

B Side ‘Werner’ deals with the theme of past mistakes and how this generates ghosts in daily dealings. Its rolling beat and haunting synth lead the track as reverberating vocals echo eerily.

This single is the perfect introduction to Kill Your Boyfriend and will pique the interest of anyone who likes the darker side of psychedelia. It’s certainly caught our attention and we’ll be catching up with the band soon to find out more.

For fans of: Sonic Jesus, The Soft Moon, Rhys Bloodjoy

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