EP: Manni Dee’s Idolise the Ugly EP stands out from the edgier techno crowd

The Breakdown

One of the essential darker techno releases of the year so far.
S.L.A.M. 84%

Manni Dee’s new release date on Ansome and Ossain’s Brixton based label S.L.A.M, a movement that clearly came from the love of the genre: with techno getting more and more popular, it has those qualities you can’t find in every initiation of the scene. The label specialises on the harder side of techno with industrial sounds, heavy beats and breakbeats. 

Manni Dee’s EP takes us to a different reality – dancing in dark rooms where nights turn to days without us realizing it. The EP, titled ‘Idolise the ugly’ definitely speaks to those who miss being surrounded by the rippling bass and kicks in clubs.  With shivery vocals from DJ and producer LOUISAHHH and the raw industrial vibes of Manni Dee, this EP really takes our mind back to the forgotten world of clubbing. 

Sitting in my apartment in Berlin, wondering how we all fought our inner battles on the dancefloor and how I miss this figurative battlefield, the EP causes the mind to whirl, even at its outset, with opener ‘War Cry’. Full of edgy beats and icy synth figures Manni Dee pulls you into his world right from the off.

Follow on ‘Delicious Repetitious’ takes you back exactly to what I miss the most. I feel like I’m in a foreign crowd, first time exploring the clubs of a different country: maybe this is how it’s going to feel like when we’ll be back to clubbing: being a tourist in our own scene. 

In contrast, ‘False Dawn’ is my local club on a Friday night, full of repetitive beats which I know too well, but at the same time I’ll always want to know them more. It’s the beauty of techno, being simple but meaningful at the same time, which can make you go back to the same place every weekend and always find something new.

 Closer ‘Snot and Salt’ is like being on the edge of a night, or the beginning of a lurid comedown. With breakbeat and a powerful vocal combined, it’s the kind of track what breaks away from the common meaning of techno and gives you a new perspective. 

One of the essential darker techno releases of the year so far.

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