From an old record box – introduction

It was a Sunday, just back from Mass, so what else would I be doing but pottering around in the shed, doing some gardening and spraying some wd40 on the hinges of my car doors ?  It’s the glamour that attracts me.

I’d been thinking for ages about finally using the USB turntable that my wife bought me to put some of my records onto MP3 so that I could listen to them around town. Also a great excuse to actually listen to some of them for the first time in something like 5 years. That thought first occurred to me in 2010. Last week I got the record player out. I brought it into the house, carried carefully, tenderly even. I gazed at it wistfully. Then i remembered that i also needed the records. Bugger. Where are the records ? After a bit of digging around, I went back to the shed and there they were, in a neglected but still sturdy black 12″ sized record box. The magic of vinyl never dissipates does it ? It’s like George Clooney’s looks – it just deepens, gets more characterful and powerful as it ages.

Now that they’re out, I’m slowly going through the process of putting them all into my itunes so that I can enjoy them, along with all my other music, on my commute and roundabout town.  And, as I transfer, and listen, I’m going to write about them here – reminding myself about when I got them, from whom, and any tales that might go with them.  Part One to follow shortly…

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