Track/Video: Surveying at the edges – DAAM presents ‘bivouac of the avant garde vol 2’.

Lewes/Brighton based experimental music label Difficult Art And Music (DAAM amongst friends) are certainly setting the pace with their alternative countdown to the festive season. In October, as part of their expansive rummage through the contemporary fringe music scene, they revealed the first instalment of this vital review ‘bivouac of the avant garde vol 1’ . The digital release presented a thrilling sweep of leftfield music from Arvik Torrensseen’s synth cascades to J.Lynch’s abstract dub, seventeen tracks for a true alternative playlist.

Now comes Volume 2 to further demonstrate the breadth of the soundscape that DAAM are celebrating through this ambitious series. Available from 25th November and for the time being as a digi –version, the collection is if anything more eclectic than the first, skipping from sly, sardonic fem pop wit (Fuck You and You’re A Sides) to ghosted post human electronics (Lagowski). Along the way you’ll also meet: Audio Obscura going deeper than doom with the subterranean processional ‘Chord Channels’; the country gothic meets indie jangle of Declan Randulph Owen vs. Bacon Industries on ‘Blind Jet’; and Jason Stanley taking the playful route with the electro-house stomper ‘Rubber Band Nerves’.

So more there’s more than enough here to keep you going until the December’s final volume, due on the 23rd of that month along with the whole epic collection as a triple cassette boxed edition. Binge listening is about to get re-defined.

You can get your digital versions of ‘bivouac of the avant garde ‘ Vloume 1 and 2 plus pre-order the triple cassette version from:

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