See: Dead Horses reveal Video to “Ain’t Got Time”

Photo Credit: 2 otters photography

Is there such thing as a country wig-out? If there is, I would suggest that towards the end of the new single from Milwaukee trio Dead Horses is where to start looking. After repeatedly letting us know, via the catchiest of means, that they ‘ain’t got time’, they shoot that theory into space by making time to gradually wind up into a blur of notes, chords and kitchen sinks as it whirls the listener into something approaching a frenzy. Behind it all though is good old fashioned country-pop, the sort that makes you nod, whistle and engage in other involuntary responses.

The single is out via Bandcamp this Friday, and the band have released what they describe as a “Gorgeous. And purposefully gritty and unsettling” video for the track. Check it out, here

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