Exclusive: Jordan Lehning records stunning At Home Session of Little Lie for Backseat Mafia

Nashville based producer, composer and singer-songwriter Jordan Lehning has done a wonderful lockdown At Home Sesssion for us of ‘Little Lie’, taken from his recent album Little Idols. The album was written in the style of a short film, telling the tale of an affair between a married woman and a single man that unfolds over the length of the record.

Of little lie, “‘Little Lie’ is a quiet song. It’s about the moment after an affair begins and the diametric emotions of guilt and passion,” explains Lehning. “We’re in the character’s apartment for most of the song and they’re laying there quietly in bed. Towards the end her naked back is turned towards him and she’s quietly crying. She knows she’s in love with him. It’s such a private and intimate song. Austin Hoke, who plays cello on it, also plays saw. I love the saw – it has an anxious beauty which worked perfectly for the setting.” 

In the version recorded for us, it features lush strings, that aforementioned saw, glockenspiel, xylophone and plaintive horns, but it’s from Lehning’s beautifully emotive vocals and guitar that the real magic happens.

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