Track: Slipknot reveal new single, The Devil In I

Brand new Slipknot, I repeat BRAND NEW SLIPKNOT. A few weeks ago we heard the first stirrings from camp Slipknot (in terms of new music) since All Hope Is Gone in 2008. The new song came in the form of The Negative One, an aggressive assault on straight-to-the-point punchy lyrics that reminded the metal world why they love Slipknot. However, here is the first proper single from the brand new Slipknot album. And it’s BRILLIANT.

The Devil In I casts a melodic and creepy vibe, but as it kicks in after the intro, it’s clear this album is going to be no less heavy than its predecessors. With slower, stripped back guitars in the verses, and the clear, prominent vocals, this track lands somewhere between Gently and Vermillion, with bits of Metabolic thrown in for good measure.

It is natural that Slipknot are evolving, and this song is the starting place for them to showcase the newer sound they have, now they are down two of the original members and up a new mystery drummer. If this track is any indication, it sounds like the new album could be the bridge between their debut self-titled offering and last album, All Hope Is Gone. This being said, it still sounds astoundingly new, giving fans no doubt that Slipknot still have so much variety left to offer without betraying their roots.

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