Occasionally someone comes along who is such a huge personality that they immediately dominate every film they’re in, becoming a phenomenon. Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead), actor, singer and drag queen, became a huge underground success through his collaboration with John Waters. I am Divine is his story.

Jeffrey Schwarz’s documentary charts Milstead’s early life right through adopting the Divine persona, his rise to fame and tragic end. His tale is told through interviews with friends, family and co-stars, along with archive photography and film.

I am Divine is a thoroughly enthralling and entertaining eulogy to a truly extraordinary man’s life. It has that winning formula of a fascinating subject, great editing, impressive footage and interesting interviewees. Not only is his memory treated with respect, you get the sense he was genuinely well loved by friends and colleagues alike.

I am Divine is released on DVD by Peccadillo Pictures on August 25.