See: Fickle Friends release new video for ‘Eats Me Up’

Fickle Friends have released another, third, taste of their new album which is out later in the year in the form of a new single, Eats Me Up, which comes hot of the heels of ‘Amatuers’ and ‘Pretty Great’.

On writing ‘Eats Me Up’, Natti from the band says – “When we took some time away to write this new album it was a welcome break, but I found myself using social media as my main way of keeping up with things. It’s a very tricky headspace to be in and there were moments where I felt very alienated, depressed, frustrated, jealous…and scared to say anything at risk of being shamed. Everyone who has access to these online platforms has a voice. They can build you up and tear you down in one tweet ‘Eats Me Up’ is about my relationship with that and how we all need to learn to find space away from it all.

It’s smooth, woozy, synth-pop that just has a overriding warm sheen about it and is decorated with instantly loveable melodies and lovely languid, effortless vocals.

Check out the self-directed video, about which the band say “The general idea was to create this kind of escape, a dream-like world that represents trying to find peace of mind….giving a nod to the mental health theme of the lyrics.”

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