Track: Happyness – Seeing Eye Dog

Londoners Happyness have returned with news of their first new music in three years, and album called ‘Floatr’ out on May 1st, and a single ‘Seeing Eye Dog.

This is Happyness, but a new (dare we say) improved version. Over the course of just over 7 minutes, the band veer from guitar indie, to sweeping almost prog pop, complete with scuzzy guitar solos, woozy changes in tempo, and a killer chorus.

Of the song, Jonny from the band says “Some of our songs take ages to write, but this one was vomited out in about an hour the day after a really sudden break up when I was fully in shock. It’s about realising how much you don’t know about the people you know best. And that feeling where your world splits in two for a while, like you’ve come out of lightspeed into the infinite gaping silence of time. But also like a spider being let out of a cup or a fish thrown back – when you’re like wow everything’s so alien and beautiful haha” 

Check it out, here

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