Live Review: Bo Ningen / Lunch Money Life – The Sound House, Dublin 09.06.2022

Japanese/London based noise rock outfit came to Dublin to play The Sound House with support from London guys Lunch Money Life.

Heading tonight I have to admit being a little apprehensive of the support with the mention of Jazz, but man there was nothing to worry about, ok there might be a tinge of jazz sneaking in here and there but when it does it is give a good hard battering of apocalyptic noise and it runs scared to the corners of their sound. One way I explained these guys to their guitarist was. Picture someone being tortured in Guantanamo Bay your music would be used, but if the person being tortured was in anyway a music fan they would just lie there and say bring! it! on! They also reminded me a lot of
American ambient psychogenic sound project Schloss Tegal.
Set List.
Jimmy J Sunset
Human Sacrifice
Royalty Laid Bare Before God
Holy Water Streaming

The walls shook, the ceiling shook, the floor shook Bo Ningen are on stage blasting out their noise rock! its loud and one brave soul stand in front of the stage dead centre and starts headbanging, something he kept up all night, others around the run doing the same and others looking on in amazement at how these guys are making so much noise.
Not having much to say, at one time thanking everyone for coming out and how they are delighted to be back in Dublin after ten years, also mentioning that tonight is for the support band and hope they enjoyed Dublin, both bands looked to have a very close friendship bound
The band power housed through a fantastic hour and a half set with no encore, but finishing out with a monumental song which just kept building pace as it went on, by the end I was wondering how they even managed to play that fast and loud.
I found the set list on stage at the end, I will list it but see it you can translate it lol.
Set List.

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