Track: Tan Cologne – Alien

Tan Cologne hugely impressed with their dream pop release ‘Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico’ – a song that seemed to capture all the mystery and magic of their home in New Mexico. They have released a new single – ‘Alien’ – which perfectly captures the mysterious allure of this band with its shimmering layers that evoke a sense of place in a timeless fugue.

With jangling reverb-soaked guitars and disembodied distant vocals, ‘Alien’ is both as extraterrestrial as its title and yet familiar to those who love the psychedelic tones of bands like The Verve, Slowdive or MBV:

The accompanying video captures the exquisite alien landscape (with humorous alien shadows) – weird and wonderful flora, shadows and light, wide open roads and expansive skies:

A druggy, trippy and delightful experience. The track is out now through Sweden’s Labrador Records and is off Tan Cologne’s forthcoming debut album. Tan Cologne is duo Lauren Green and Marissa Macias.

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