Track: Lianne La Havas – Can’t Fight

Following on from the glorious Paper Thin we covered here on Backseat Mafia, Lianne La Havas is back with another taste of her forthcoming eponymous third album with a new track, Can’t Fight. Produced and co-written by Mura Masa, it talks of a struggling relationship.

Of the track, Lianne says “You know it’s not good, but you can’t you can’t not do it. People say if you’re having a hard time in a relationship, just leave. It’s so easy to say, but it’s so much more complicated than that. Because there’s two of you, and neither of you are perfect. And there are things that you’re learning along the way. So you think, Well, let me do a little bit of work and just see if we can get that feeling back – it’s possible because we do really love each other. So I guess at the time, I was convinced that yes, it’s hard, but we can get through this.”

Built on this slightly wonky guitar line, it’s a bubbling slice of pure pop. There’s a gospel tinge to it, with the backing chorus that weave in and out, and the addition of the strings really pulls some of the emotion out of it. Mainly though, it’s a gloriously melodic, upbeat song. You’ll love it.

Check it out, here

Lianne La Havas is out on July 17th via Warner Records.

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