See: Yellow Days release new video for ‘Treat You Right’

The music video for recent single “Treat You Right”, opens with a solitary “Yellow Days” (George Van Den Broek) playing the song’s infectious organ ditty upon a rocky planet. The video depicts a space-centred romantic escapade, rich with as much melancholy as the track itself. Not only the video, but also the music itself, reinforces “Yellow Days”’ enthusiasm to play all the track’s instruments personally, each one oozing with the same yearning as in the vocals and lyrics.

Van Den Broek imbues each album and single with wondrously beautiful covers, with his very own hands. The same is true of the artwork here, with verdant suburbia drenched from above by sunlight, the central figure of “Yellow Days” and a hummingbird making an even more idyllic image.

Upon completing the track, he would “sit down and listen to it open my mind up to a vision and every time I just see the artwork and I just make it straight after.” He describes this as a “crazy artistic moment”.

Check out the video below.

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