Track: Jeremiah Moon – Kinds Of Light

Seattle-based singer/songwriter/classically trained cellist and illustrator Jeremiah Moon has released track ‘Kinds Of Light’, the first single off his upcoming debut EP ‘Sputnik’, set for release later this year via Enci Records 

Jeremiah says, 

“(Kinds of Light) is about opposing selves, the way relationships with other people compel us to reckon with our own identity, the way our stories gradually become histories, and the things we choose – or don’t choose – to carry with us. The underlying thread, like all 5 songs on the EP, is connection between people – the ways that we try to understand each other, and the ways we change each others’ orbits.”

A whirlwind of noise slowly coalesces into string led folk with a percussive feel that brims with emotion from Moons haunting vibrato. The cello quietly sits back with the muffled drumming as Moon sings but takes over on the beautiful interludes where the cello weaves the magic. On the basis of this track, Moon’s album ‘Sputnik’ is going to be a mesmerising as it is tremendous.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Moon’s Website or Facebook

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