Track: The Clockworks – Enough is Never Enough

One of the most inventive and exciting bands around at the moment, Galway’s The Clockworks have released another blistering track ‘Enough is Never Enough’, which combines a driving musical assault with acerbic lyrics and an assured swagger.

Swimming in the same stream as bands like compatriots The Murder Capital and Fontaines DC, The Clockworks have an intriguing mix of post punk brashness mixed with a poetic and melodic delivery.

Singer, James McGregor, says of the track:

This was the last song we wrote in Ireland. I’d been working on the lyrics for ages. I like to write about the social or emotional by writing about a specific character or scene. I think focusing on the particular and the specific is the best way to get to the general and abstract… Musically, this song was all about getting the feeling right. We wanted it to be forceful and relentless but also for there to be enough space for melody and emotion.

The rapier-like wit and observational acuity provide for pure poetry and a compelling lyrical stream over the muscular axe-grinding guitars and rhythm section:

Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone, It’s with O’ Leary on the plane, And everybody loves to bitch, Factions speak louder than herds.

The accompanying video is a clever device – four frames of the band members playing in various locations with McGregor wandering through the frames.

This follows two earlier brilliant singles covered by Backseat Mafia this year – ‘Can I Speak To A Manager?‘ and ‘The Future Is Not What It Was, proving that there is a recurring pattern of brilliance.

‘You can see why this band was signed to Alan McGee’s label Creation 23. The single is available to download/stream here.

The Clockworks will be performing at the phenomenal Creation Day Festival in Wolverhampton West Park on 29 and 30 May 2021 featuring a stunning line-up (including Echo and the Bunnymen, Editors, Ash and Happy Mondays) – tickets available here.

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