Track: R&B Up-And-Comer Denel Shares New Single ‘Crossroads’

R&B up-and-comer Denel shares the vibing new single ‘Crossroads’. A rich mix of electronic-pop and impactful R&B the track the track showcases as acute awareness of melody and lyrical relatability whilst also delivery emotional and musical depth.

Opening with a wash of analogue synth pads and swelling modulated bass, Denel’s silky, effortlessly controlled lead vocals soon enter offering a central pin for the music to move around. As the track develops into it’s ear-worm chorus, the punching kick takes hold as heavy sub bass fills the low end and shuffling hi-hats bring a driving energy.

Speaking about themes which inspired the track, Denel adds “We’re constantly in a state of chasing the next big thing, staying validated and sometimes all of this comes at the detriment of our own selves. I think it’s so important to know your identity and be comfortable with who you are. That’s really what this
song is all about.”

A rich soundscape blending swelling 80’s synth sounds with a modern R&B tone, ‘Crossroads’ is an excellent effort from an artist with a lot of commercial potential.

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