Track: Freya Beer And Tom Saint Come Together For Moody Pop Bop ‘Honeymoon Eyes’

A haunting, atmospheric yet pointed, driving and unapologetically commercial effort, ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ delivers not only the brilliant joint vocals of Freya Beer and Tom Saint but also a track with depth as well a striking mass appeal.

Opening with a plucked bass a-top a choppy electronic beats and Freya’s reverb tinted vocals perfect capture her “glam goth noir” image, setting a dreamy, otherworldly tone. As the track bursts into its ear-from chorus, Tom Saint’s stylistic distortion tinted vocal enters over a wash of swelling, modulated, analogue synths, the track picks up pace and builds on its already etherial aura.

Speaking about the single, both musically and thematically Frances Beer shares: “My new single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ featuring Tom Saint is the perfect introduction to my next musical journey which I like to call my ‘Gothic-Disco’. The song embodies a dreamy essence but still pays homage to my “gothic-noir” which I’ve carried in my music from the beginning. The subject of the song is about being with an individual which feels too good to be true and plays a part in forbidden love.”

A brilliant put together, dreamy, warming and infectiously catchy electronic-pop track showcasing Freya’s untethered potential.

Listen below:

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