After teasing us with the release of track “Overlord” featuring the voice of Maia Friedman, Dave Longstreth and his project Dirty Projectors have announced a new EP due for release on March 27th via Domino called Windows Open. The EP also marks the first bit of work from the band he put together for the Lamp Lit Prose tour with Longstreth taking on production duties and splitting lyrics with Friedman

Together with the news of the new EP a second single has also been released. Entitled “Search For Life” its a rustic and slightly trippy ballad in the normal Dirty Projectors soundscape. With Maia Friedman again taking lead vocals, as she also does for the rest of the tracks on the forth coming EP.

Sweet finger picked guitar opens the track before a flurry of violin ushers in Maia’s honey dipped voice. There’s beautiful harmonies and a lovely home grown feel to the sound shared with the first single – “Overload”. Only meaning great things to come from these guys.

Check it out, here.