TRACK: Bill Callahan reveals second from ‘Gold Record’

AS GOOD as his word, “just like the responsible, trustworthy father you wish you always had” (it says here), Drag City’s premiere gravelly voided heartbreaker Bill Callahan has released the second Monday song from his forthcoming September album, Gold Record.

“Another Song” is a wistful call for the real heartwork of love. “Why dontcha come on home for lunch, and stay? / We’ll start working for love, not pay”, he drawls mellifluously, his voice as rich and seasoned and well-miked as you need. 

“It’s a working man’s blues that are lightened by a little love in the afternoon … the narrator decides to take the rest of the day off for some afternoon delight with his partner. In loving embrace and then philosophic reverie, they look forward only to the next moment as sweet as this one.” say Drag City. And it’s as beautiful as you could wish.

See you next Monday for another instalment!

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