News: dMh Unveils ‘Disorder’ from Upcoming Covers Album, ‘Songs From The North’

dMh, the musical brianchild of David Morley Hale shares the pulsing genre spanning new single ‘Disorder.’ This single serves as the inaugural glimpse into his forthcoming covers album, ‘Songs From The North,’ an 11-track LP featuring re-imagined classics by bands associated with the British Isles.

‘Disorder’ itself is a reinterpretation of the iconic Joy Division track from their debut album, ‘Unknown Pleasures.’ However, dMh brings a fresh perspective, steering away from the raw intensity of the original and infusing it with a luminous, celebratory, and reflective ambiance. The track’s unique arrangement combines acoustic guitar, synth bass, and electronic drums, hinting at how it might have sounded in the later years of Joy Division’s evolution into New Order.

The covers album promises a rich tapestry of sound, featuring reworked material from bands such as The Fall, Jethro Tull, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Human League. Renowned artist Nick Park, of ‘Wallace & Gromit’ fame and a fellow Prestonian, contributes the album’s artwork, adding an extra layer of creativity to the project.

In a statement about the single, dMh shares his artistic approach, saying, “The track, as with all those on the forthcoming album, was a labour of love exercising my muso, arranging, and production chops by putting new flesh on the bare bones of a classic song to hopefully give it a worthy, new parallel existence and not creating a Frankensteinian monster or enraging too many puritans in the process.”

dMh’s diverse background, including classical music training in Liverpool and stints as an actor and audiobook narrator, contributes to the unique flavor of his musical endeavors. Having previously garnered attention on airwaves with singles played by the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Tom Robinson, and the late Janice Long, dMh continues to carve out a distinctive space in the music landscape with his upcoming covers album, ‘Songs From The North.’ As he redefines classics with a contemporary twist, listeners can anticipate a vibrant and immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries and pays homage to the rich musical heritage of the British Isles.

Listen below:

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