News: dMh Revives Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s Classic ‘Messages’ With Gritty New Rendition

dMh (David Morley Hale) shares his new cover of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s (OMD) iconic track ‘Messages’ with a fresh interpretation that marries pulsating synth arpeggios with the raw energy of electric guitar. This bold reimagining, serving as dMh’s inaugural offering of 2024, introduces a post-punk edge to the beloved synth-pop anthem while preserving its essence of new-romance sentiments.

Diving into the heart of his upcoming album ‘Songs From The North’, dMh’s rendition of ‘Messages’ marks the second revelation following his acclaimed cover of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ late last year. With each track, dMh embarks on a mission to craft vivid reworkings of songs from bands associated with or originating from the northern regions of the UK. Accompanied by album artwork from none other than Nick Park, the creative genius behind ‘Wallace & Gromit’, this project promises a tapestry of reimagined sounds paying homage to the musical heritage of the north.

Reflecting on his decision to reinterpret ‘Messages’, dMh shares, “I always loved the original and felt the song could lend itself quite nicely to a rock-ish guitar treatment.” His background, which includes classical music training in Liverpool and a multifaceted career encompassing voice acting and audiobook narration, enriches the depth of his musical vision. Previously, dMh’s self-released material garnered attention on esteemed platforms such as BBC Radio 6 Music and Radio 2, with support from notable figures like Jarvis Cocker, Tom Robinson, and the late Janice Long.

Beyond his musical endeavors, dMh’s artistic journey has taken diverse paths, including the release of an album featuring contemporary classical solo piano compositions. Notably, his collaboration with Stephen Fry on ‘After We Are Gone’, featuring narration by Andrew Copson, CEO of the British Humanist Association, underscores the breadth of dMh’s creative portfolio.

With ‘Messages’, dMh not only pays homage to a seminal track from OMD’s repertoire but also demonstrates his prowess in bridging musical genres and eras, acting as an exciting taste of what to accept on the upcoming album ‘Songs From The North’.

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