Track: Dutch Duo Scarlet Mill Share Atmospheric Indie Builder ‘Driftwood’

Dutch indie/ alt-rock duo Scarlet Mill share the atmospheric, gradually growing and unquestionably spellbinding new single ‘Driftwood’.

Taken from the bands upcoming second album, ‘Driftwood’ showcases the poetic lyricism and intricate instrumentation that will characterise the full release. Built around a sprawling and gradually building soundscape of guitars, pianos, tight drums, grounding bass, swelling synths and the haunting lead vocals, the track captures a n atmospheric aura whilst still retaining a driving sense of purpose and direction as it gradually grows.

From the muted opening the track gradually grows into a cinematic chorus, ebbing and flowing its way to the euphoric guitar led crescendo. A soundscape comparable to Arcade Fire, The National and even Fleetwood Mac, the single is a fine example of indie soundscapes and captivating songwriting.

Reflecting on the song, the duo share, “We have crafted this song to unfold a pivotal part of the tale of two ‘drifting souls’, to be told in full on our upcoming second album. We voice the female protagonist’s perspective on the sailor’s misbehaving, before he flees to Port Henry. Our dark synths and gloomy guitars lay the ominous, alt-rock, and somewhat wavy foundations for the female narration.”

Comprising Jennifer Moesker (vocals, piano, organ, synths) and Erik Verhoef (vocals, guitar, bass, and drums), Scarlet Mill have toured Europe and already seen their music gain a wave of tastemaker press coverage. With this latest effort expect them to be on the rise once again.

Listen below:

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