Track: Romare – Roots

And Lo, a new chosen one of electronic music was chosen, and amongst the unfortunates unable to sieze the crown there was much waving of hands and gnashing of teeth. But his increasing number of disciples, which numbered Bonobo and Tiga amongst them, did celebrate, and hark back to his releases on labels such as Black Acre, before Ninja Tune looked down and it came to pass that he was signed on.

Now, there is to be an album, and Romare Bearden (for that is he) can present his followers with a 12″ (out now) with two songs – Roots and Pusherman, both infused with a heady mix of the dancefloor and a myriad of influences, from Jazz to Soul to funk, all designed to get the collective followers moving in time.

Roots opens with these deep synth croaks, before the there’s a splattering of beats and the bass figure refused to lay down and be still, instead gently warping and disfiguring itself, held together by the cut up vocal and added to by layers of pretty much everything, from African tribal drumming to little puddles of jazz piano. As it goes on, so Romare explores the deep, clearing the way here and there for new lines of melody to be added, as it teists and turns to a final conclusion.

We here at Backseat Mafia, are believers. Welcome, master Romare.

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