See: In This Moment release video for ‘Big Bad Wolf’

The new song Big Bad Wolf still holds onto the electronic characteristics from In This Moment’s previous album Blood including some effective Nine Inch Nails-esque electronics and bulldozing riffs which lead into the eerie voice of front woman Maria Brink yelling “Even in these chains you can’t stop me.”

Through the aggressiveness and cut throat attitude of the new track, which is reminiscent of older songs like The Gun Show and Comanche, Maria tells the story of two animals waging a war inside of her. The dark, enchanting lyrics play along the lines of a wolf and a pig, Maria Brink exploring both her good and evil side. The wolf represents a sophisticated and good side and the pig represents the darker side. The lyrics “She’s got a hold on me, maybe she’s just what they want me to be” bellow out before a forceful and catchy chorus, something that In This Moment do very well. During the bridge the song becomes very reminiscent of older albums when the slow chugging of the guitar and hard hitting rhythmic patterns of the drums entwines with Maria’s brutal scream.

The song overall mixes essences of In This Moment’s back catalogue and shows a more playful and interesting side to their song writing abilities. It’s hard to see how any fan of the band could possibly hate this song.

In This Moment’s new album Black Widow is in stores and online now, the band hit the UK next year, dates are here.

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