Say Psych: Album Review, II by Heavy Cosmic Kinetic

As the title suggests, although in the cosmic scheme of things nothing is certain, II is the second release from Californian five-piece Heavy Cosmic Kinetic. Like the first, self titled, album this is something of a must for lovers of slow burning cosmic jams, both of which here are just short of nineteen minutes each. ‘

‘Hypercosmonautica’ is a heavy blues-inspired psychedelic track which every so often drops into a early Zeppelin sounding coda before drifting off again into the mind nebulas of fuzzy guitars, and pounding drums, which are further forward in the mix than usual. Around eleven minutes the track really breaks out into hyperspace shifting through the warps as Heavy Cosmic Kinetic take us father out into the dark recesses of the universe, breaking through the shackles of our intertia before heading off into the infinite darkness…

Things get a bit different on ‘The Horror Movie’, which is a slower and more atmospheric track with lots of effects and feedback. While ‘Hypercosmonautica’ took you to the stars, ‘The Horror Movie’ will take you to the deep recesses of your soul with its drones and feedback…and just keep you hanging there for a while. At around nine minutes some really heavy bass noise comes in as if to signal a sea change in the track, and sure enough it breaks out into something lighter and more melodic before building up to a really satisfying crescendo of a conclusion.

Available on cassette or download from Heavy Cosmic Kinetic’s bandcamp this is a release that is well worth getting hold of, especially for fans of such as Blown Out, Haikai No Ku and Bong: in fact get the first one too while you’re at it (Cdr and download).


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